2Credits,2 Hours/Week

Subject matter of Economics, relevant economic theories to urban economics. Definition of Urban Economics – the reasons for the existence of cities – Factors influencing urbanization – Market Demand and Supply – Choice of Technique in production – Laws of returns governing production. Costs Study – Urbanization and Planning – Urban land values – Land utilization pattern and planning – Housing analysis – Public housing with particular references– Urban problem – Poverty, Migration, Unemployment, Pollution.

Definition and theories and their relevance to social set-up- Social structure – Organization – Social Institutions and Social Change. Urban Society – Social and economic problems – Rural society: Social and economic problems. Developmental programmes related to urban and rural society – Impact of programmes on social development.

ARCH-3623 : Interior Design

2Credits,  2 Hours/Week

Part-A: Definition of Interior Space and Interior Design, relation between interior & exterior of a built form, Principles of interior design, interior design vocabulary, interior building elements – wall, ceiling, floor, door, window and their construction, articulation, operation.

Part-B: Design of various interior spaces in relation to occupancy and environmental factors. Artificial lighting and acoustics of interior, Functional separation of spaces and interior furniture, mechanized ventilation. Finish materials and furniture details.

ME-3521: Mechanical Equipments

2Credits,2 Hours/Week

Review of basic concepts and definitions, Application of air-conditioning. Cooling load calculation, air-conditioning
systems, air handling and distribution, design of ducts. Air-conditioning equipments. Fire hazards, fire fighting
methods. Vertical transportation: types of elevators, determination of size and quantity of elevators. Incoming and
outgoing traffic handling. Escalators and moving ramps.

CE-3121 : Structure -IV (Steel & Timber Structures)

2Credits,2 Hours/Week

Introduction: allowable stresses; different types of trusses; wind and static load analysis of trusses; design of truss
sections; design of steel beams, columns; timber structures.

ARCH-3621 : Urban Design- I

2Credits,2 Hours/Week

Part-A: Definition of urban design, its aims and objective. Global view and Context; Development of urban spaces through history; Modern concepts in urban design; Elements and domains of urban design; Perception and meaning of urban spaces- Scale, form, order and time space relationships.

Part-B: Urban renewal, redevelopment, conservation etc. and development control. Principles and techniques of urban design, Analysis of physical pattern, Framework for development, Responsive environment – Connectivity, permeability, variety, legibility, appropriateness, richness and personalization. Contemporary concepts, context and trends.

ARCH-3521: Contemporary Architecture

2Credits,2 Hours/Week

Part-A: Crisis of Modernism in the society and in the field of literature, art and Architecture; High modernism; Postmodernism as a reaction to "Modernism" Modernism. Theories and Manifestos of Architecture, Deconstruction; Architecture and Disjunction, Eco-tech and hi-tech.

Part-B: Recent developments in the fields of Architecture around the world, with special reference to South Asian region, by the influence of new technology and changes in contemporary social vocabulary. Impact of globalization and open market system in Architecture; Study of Architectural identity and regionalism in Architecture; Contemporary Architecture of Bangladesh.

ARCH-4322 : Interior Design Studio

1.5 Credits,3 Hours/Week

Preparation of interior design drawings for different types of spaces such as office, studio, bank, restaurant, club and shop. Detailed specifications of finish materials for floor, ceiling and wall. Natural and artificial lighting and ventilation. Fixed and movable furniture, decorative element, upholstery, drapery, art work, interior plantation, fountain, automation device.

ARCH-3122: Design- V (per-requisite ARCH- 3112)

10Credits,15 Hours/Week

Comprehensive design exercise to understand the underlying complexity of building forms by exploring the characteristics of materials, structural systems, construction methods, building services and environmental requirements in relation to their creative formal expression. Creative / innovative response to site and surrounding landscape and built-forms.