ARCH-4411: Landscape Design

2Credits, 2 Hours/Week

Part-A: Introduction to principles and elements of landscape design. Landscape Architecture and its necessity in the built environment. Historical references. Biosphere and eco- system. Organization of various outdoor spaces. Environment and design. Site development. Location and sequence of outdoor activity. Circulation and linkages.

Part-B: Introduction to plant and materials and their uses to enrich the built environment. Planting and gardening. A study of site selection, plane surveying, site development, topography, soils, grading, drainage, site utilities, landscaping, and planting will be used towards the assessment of buildings and site design.

ARCH-4611 : Urban Design- II

2Credits,2 Hours/Week

Part- A: Principles of design- unity and space, proportion and scale. balance, uniformity and contrast and their application in urban design. Urban aesthetics - grain and texture. urban frame, fabric and function. Perception and meaning of urban spaces form, order and time space relationships. Definition of urban design, its aims and objective. City planning according to artistic principles. Urban design approaches and levels of analysis.

Part-B: Responsive environment - permeability, variety, legibility, appropriateness, richness and personalization. From of a city and normative theories. Theory of good city form. Growth and conservation. Urban textures and networks. City models and city design. Urbandesign process. Urban quality of life.

ARCH-4312 : Landscape Design Studio

1.5 Credits,3 Hours/Week

Study of landscape natural and man-made elements, drawings and reports on outdoor elements and environment, Site analysis. Landscape graphics; Application of the principles and techniques of landscape design through design exercises of site planning and area development. Design of utility, maintenance and services.

ARCH-4112 : Design- VI (pre-requisitie ARCH- 3122)

10 Credits,15 Hours/Week

Perception of urban context and the emergent forces that shape a city; Understanding urban activities, movement and environmental aspects to attain livability in cities and quality of life; Understanding urban design process – from program formulation to urban design interventions. Designing spaces between the buildings vis-à-vis urban masses in response to human needs and scale. Articulation of Architecture into the public realm through design of building complexes at urban scale.

CE-4111 : Structure -V (Reinforced Concrete Design)

2Credits,2 Hours/Week

Fundamentals of reinforced concrete design; working stress design method; analysis of reinforced beams by WSD; design of slabs, one-way and two-ways. Preliminary analysis of flat slabs, flat plated, waffle slabs, ribbed slabs; introduction to ultimate strength design(USD).

ARCH-4811 : Housing

2Credits,2 Hours/Week

Part-a: Housing policy and Planning; Housing and Community; Their influence on individuals, societies and their environment, Physical, social, economic and technical aspects of housing problems in Bangladesh. Legislations and regulations.

Part-B: Low-cost and low income group housing; Role of private and public sectors in housing; PPP; housing finance, space standards, housing infrastructure and other design requirements. Current housing technologies and market scenario.

ARCH-4511: Architecture of Bengal-I

2Credits,2 Hours/Week

PART-A:Architecture of Bengal -- Introduction; Geographical, Geological, Climatic, Historical, Social, Philosophical and Religious influences.

PART-B:Architecture of Bengal -- Pre-historic period; Buddhist and Hindu Art & Architectural development during Mauryan, Gupta, Pala, Verman, Sen, Sultani, Mughal & Colonial Period .