ARCH-2222: Sculpture and Graphic Art
3 Credits, 6 Hours/Week

Part-A: Sculpture Study and analysis of three- dimensional aspects of different volumetric forms. Exercises based on the use of different types of materials.

Part- B: Graphic Art
Basic techniques used in graphic design. Selection of drawing instruments, surfaces, typography. Graphic reproduction techniques and the pros and cons of the different systems to achieve the most effective presentation. Sketching as an essential technique to record design ideas during conceptualization. Graphic design of posters, products, display, portfolio. Introduction to computer generated presentation.
CE- 2022: Building Materials & Construction Workshop

3Credits,6 Hours/Week

Practical recognition of different building materials; simple tests for building materials and ingredients; site visits to acquaint with construction techniques and site supervision. Submission of a model showing details of any structural system using carpentry/ metal works/ R.C.C works / composite works.
ARCH-2122 : Design- III (pre-requisite ARCH- 2112)

6 Credits,12 Hours/Week

Study on built environment, simple building designs with simple functions; layout of different built forms with emphasis on circulation with an attention to the buildings approach, entrance, path-configuration, path- space relationship, from of the circulation. Design of buildings with simple functions.
CE-2021 : Plumbing

2Credits, 2 Hours/Week

PART-A: Water supply and sanitation system in buildings; Introduction to water supply systems in high rise

PART-B: Drainage and sewage disposal, Introduction to drainage systems in high rise buildings.

CE-2121 : Structure -II (Basic Mechanics of Solids)

2Credits, 2 Hours/Week

Fundamental concepts of stress and strain; mechanical properties of materials; stresses and strains in members
subjected to tension, compression, shear and temperature changes; Joints- welded and riveted; shear force and
bending moment diagrams for statically determinate beams and frames.

ARCH 2421: Architectural Acoustics and Lighting

2 Credits,2 Hours/Week

PART- A:The physiology of sound; Perception, generation and propagation of sound; Behavior of sound in closed spaces; Auditorium acoustics; Noise measurements and control in spaces.

PART- B: Introduction to Architectural lighting; Effects of luminous environment on human being; Design criteria and designing for natural and artificial lighting.

ARCH- 2621 : Basic Physical Planning

2 Credits,2 Hours/Week

PART-A: Basic planning theories. Theories and principles of resources use and their limitations. History of
settlements. Introduction of community, city and regional planning; Physical planning as a space dimension of national economic growth; Problems of planning in Bangladesh.

PART-B: Origin and evolution of settlements and cities. City planning during ancient, classical medieval, neoclassical and modern periods. Industrial revolution and changes in the character of cities. New thoughts and ideas in planning after the industrial revolution. The spatial structure of cities: concentric zone theory, sector theory, multiple nuclei theory, Christaller theory of size, spacing and distribution of central places. Rank-size rule.

ARCH-2521 : History of Architecture- III

(South Asian) 2 Credits,2 Hours/Week

Part-A: The course will include the basic essence of south Asian Architecture associating chronological
development in the early age. Study of art and Architecture in the South Asia with special emphasis on the styles of the Vedic, Buddhist and Hindu periods up to the 17th century.

Part-B: The emphasis will be laid on the medieval developments in continuation to its earlier roots. Critical evaluation of the art and Architecture under the Muslim rule in South Asia. The course will conclude with Sources of Muslim Architecture in South Asia Region; Imperial style; Sur or Pathan period; Mughal period.